Why we should read tales to the children

2Do you remember the fairy tales from your childhood? When I was a little girl I believed with every fibre of my heart that Red Riding Hood and her grandmother are able to come up from the wolf`s stomach, Sleeping Beauty can be awake just by the kiss of the prince after sleeping for a hundred years etc. In my opinion, kids have an unlimited imagination which influences their conviction that in the end good always triumphs.
Today many people dare to say that fairy tales are harmful to children because heroes make them fantasize and contort reality in which miracles rarely happen. I totally disagree with that statement –
children`s books are important for the development, the fairy stories teach practical lessons and kindness.
Nowadays, unfortunately adults focus more on rational thinking than on creative one, forgetting that only the mixture between both forms an intelligent person. In addition, it is useful to instruct children to read and count but also to be sensitive and emotional. In my opinion, tales are the perfect self-teacher in that case.
That`s why dear parents, find time and introduce your heirs to the magical world of the fairy tales. If you were not able to save the books from your childhood I strongly recommend the series Marvelous Treasures of the World by New Media Group and Svetlyo Kantardzhiev. These books are accessible and include stories all over the world.

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